Company profile

CTI is a woman owned small business, dynamic and responsive to life’s events

  • Over 50 years of experience in design, manufacturing and service to the fabric structure industry.
  • Creative approach to integrate customer requirements into standard product lines
  • Field sensitive to onsite environmental conditions, complexity of installation and logistics
  • Made in the USA, Designed Engineered and Manufactured for superior quality


Carol Fontius - President
Carol began by selling engineered tents to the resort and US military markets and then expanded to manufacturing in 2004 by starting Creative Tent International Inc. with Designs by Robert Stafford.

Life is full of events, with everyone’s focus unique and no less important than another. The very nature of our business – engineered tents takes us all over the world to participate in the events of life, joyful and tragic, and always with sincere appreciation of the purpose at hand – or The Event.

Robert Stafford – Creative Director
Robert Stafford has been creating engineered structures and tents since 1978 and now is manufacturing his own product lines with CTI. Designs by Robert Stafford, is a key market player in the tension structure industry. His leadership integrates technology and design into the most innovative and sophisticated product lines on the market. Robert appreciates hands on work in the field to determine the key elements of success for a customer. He has done this with 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and thousand of individual projects internationally.

Customer Service

The Creative Tent Customer Service Team consist of our Sales, Design and Technical Representatives whose knowledge, experience and commitment to the customer ensures that you will be completely satisfied with your order. Our sales team will walk you through the whole process from analyzing needs, product conceptualization, design, engineering and shipping to site preparation, installation and maintenance. It is our goal to meet and exceed your expectations with our superior products and service.

Corporate Office and Manufacturing

Our corporate office and manufacturing facility have relocated to Henderson, Nevada – a suburb of Las Vegas. We are located at 451 Mirror Court, Ste. 101 Henderson, NV 89011

We always welcome visitors. If you are interested in visiting you may contact us at +1 702-789-2620 or toll free 888-484-8368.

  • Creative Tent International, Inc.
  • 451 Mirror Ct. Ste. 101
  • Henderson, NV 89011
  • Toll free: (888) 484-8368
  • Ph# (702) 789-2620
  • Fax (702) 272-0891

"Bob, I can’t decide which of your tents I like more…. They look and work great!"
Mike Glabowiez, Owner of Stellar Productions